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1 Forced Immigration and Political Instability in Jordan: Social Historical Study 2017 Read more
 2  The mis/translation of jihad verses in the holy Quran their relation with terrorism and the distorted image of lslam in the western media and publications especially after the emergence of ISIS  2018  Read more
3   Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan: Early Marriages in Perspective  2017  Read more
 4  Humanitarian Access: Pathways for Refugees from Transit to Safe Havens  2018  Read more
 5  On political violence: Truma and forced migration in Arab and German societies  2018  Read more
 6  PhD Study Cluster "Localisation of Social Work in the Arab World"  2019  Read more
 7  Refugees, Host Communities and the Sustainable Development Goals  2019  Read more
 8  Social protection and sustainable peace in the middle east and north Africa region: Building a new welfare-centered politics  2019  Read more
 9  Neurodevelopmental CAre for REfugees (NeuCaRe)  2020  Read more
10   Examining Obstacles to Female Labour Market Participation in Jordan  2020  Read more
11 Learning & development for a sustainable future for refugees & host communities to promote co-existence and socio-economic development (LSFR) 2020 Read more
12 A new portal for city information modeling: systems' integration in industry and sustainable urban regeneration (CIM_SUR) 2020 Read more
13 Decolonising the Indebted City: Pathways to Prosperity in Saida and Irbid 2020 Read more
14 Geodesy and Geoinformation for sustainable development in Jordan (GEO4D) 2018 Read more
15 Les pratiques des apprenants FLE dans la rédaction d’un résumé sur un Mooc /The practices of FLE learners in writing a summary on a Mooc 2016 Read more
16 Training Humanitarian Interpreters and Translators: Challenges and Opportunities 2020 Read more