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College Programs


BA Programs

MA Programs

PhD. Programs

Arabic Language and Literature

Ø  Arabic Language

Ø  Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages

Ø  Arabic Language and Literature.


·         Linguistics

·         Literature and Criticism



Ø  Arabic Language and Literature


·         Language and Linguistics

·         Literature and Criticism



English Language and Literature

Ø  English language and Literature

Ø  Language and Linguistics

Ø  Literature and Criticism.


Translation Department

Ø  Translation

Ø  Translation



Ø  Geography


·        General Geography

·        Geographical Information System

·          Regional Planning.

Ø  Applied Geography



Ø  History

·      Islamic History and Islamic Civilization.

·      Modern and Contemporary History.



Political Sciences

Ø   Political Science

Ø  International Political Economy


Sociology and Social service 

Ø  sociology and social work

Ø  sociology and social work


Modern Language Department

Ø  French language

Ø  German/ English

Ø  French/ English


Ø  French Linguistics



Semitic and Oriental Languages Department


Ø  Semitic Languages (Hebrew)

Ø  Oriental Languages (Persian)

Ø  Turkish Language and Literature