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Pioneering in the field of literary studies, humanities, and social studies as well as contributing to society building.



Achieving quality and excellence in the fields of education, research, culture and social service with reliance on faculty members' research findings and faculty graduates' skills.



  • Preparing specialists in the various literary, humanistic, and social sciences.
  • Motivating students to use analytical thinking, attain knowledge, have virtuous nationalism, and cultivate their identities.
  • Promoting the educational process, and developing the programs and academic courses in compliance with international development.
  • Excelling in scientific research, support it, guide it to serve the society, and promote it.
  • The progressive professional development of the members of the academic staff and those of the administrative staff.
  • Activating the cultural and scientific exchange with the faculties of arts inside and outside Jordan.
  • Developing classrooms, as required for a comfortable educational process, for both students and professors.
  • Qualifying the Faculty to attain the Special Accreditation, the General Accreditation, and the National and International certificates of Quality.
  • Offering advisory and research services in literary, humanistic, and social studies for the University’s faculties and local society’s institutions.
  • Offering distinguished graduate programs that contribute to developing the society and qualifying researchers.