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Dr.Abdalah Gazan

Head of The Department of Sociology


The Department of Sociology was established in the academic year 1991/92; it offers bachelor degree in sociology. The department aims to graduate social researchers, social workers and socialists by providing students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed by various social institutions.

Since the academic year 2001/2002, MA in sociology has been offered; many Jordanian and Arab students have been graduated from the department.

Due to the society's needs of qualified social works, the name and the plan of the department have been modified in the academic year 2006/2007. It started offering bachelor's degree in sociology and social work; the department is also planning to offer a Master of Social work.

The faculty members of the department participate in conducting scientific research in various  social phenomena and problems; they participate in community service by holding seminars and lectures and extracurricular activities. They also participate in solving the Jordanian social problems, and predicting any future problems to be avoided and resolved.

The faculty members are (10), the undergraduate students are (414), and  the MA students are (39).







  • To prepare and train qualified and talented students in the field of Sociology and Social Work.
  • To support scientific research relevant to the social phenomena, issues and problems of the Jordanian society.
  • To strengthen the partnership with the local community through training and supervising events.

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