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Dr.Abdalmoiz Bani Issa

Head of History Department


It was established in the academic year 1983/1984 as one of the academics of the faculty of Arts. Since its establishment, the department has awarded Bachelor degree in history. Since the academic year of 1987/1988, it has started granting MA in the following areas:

  •     Islamic History and Islamic Civilization.
  •    Modern and Contemporary History.



To Study the past to understand the present and to look ahead to the future; to be distinguished at the local and regional level.


The department aspires to achieve:

  •    To equip students with distinct educational experiences.
  •    To graduate highly qualified students to meet the needs of the labor market.
  •    To conduct distinct research in historical studies, and to direct the research for the community service
  • To promote creativity and critical thinking among students.
  • To meet the needs of the local community in the fields of education, research, media and culture.



  •    To improve the educational process, to develop the programs and the curricula to keep pace with the scientific development.
  •    Distinction in the scientific research, directing and supporting it for the service of the community.
  •    To prepar specialists in the field of historical knowledge.
  •    To motivate students to think critically, knowledge, good citizenship and self-development.
  •   Sustainable professional development for the professors.
  •    To activate cultural and scientific exchange with similar departments in Jordan and abroad.
  •    To provide consultant services and research in the historical fields relevant to other departments and the local institutions.
  •    To provide a highly recognized graduate studies contributing in the development of the community and the rehabilitation of research.

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