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Prof.Bassam Quttous

Head of Arabic Language Department


The Dept. of Arabic Language and Literature was founded in the Faculty of Arts when Yarmouk University was established in 1976. The first batch of the undergraduates graduated in 1980. In February 1981, the graduate studies program for the M.A level was introduced including two main majors: Literature and Literary Criticism and Linguistics. Since 1983, hundreds of dissertation have been defended. In 1991, the graduate studies program expanded with the introduction of the doctoral program in literature and criticism and the first Ph.D. thesis was defended in August, 1997. The Ph.D in Linguistics and Ph.D in Applied Linguistics were introduced in 1998.  Motivated by the strong relationships which the Dept. has established with similar departments in other Arab and foreign universities, The Dept. of Arabic language and Literature signed a treaties of cooperation between Yarmouk University and high institutes in Malasia. The first conference organized by the Dept. on literary criticism was held in the period between 20- 23 July 1987 and since then this conference has been held biannually.

The faculty members show enthusiasm to participating with research papers in conferences, symposiums and seminars held nationally and internationally. The faculty members also show excellence in teaching in both the undergraduate and graduate students in fields of literature, criticism, syntax, morphology and applied linguistics.







  • To participate in developing higher education in the fields of Arabic language and the theoretical and applied branches through endorsing modern teaching methods and acquiring the skills relevant to the major of Arabic language.
  • To be in the know with regard to the latest scientific developments in the fields of Arabic linguistics and approaches to criticism.
  • To enhance the scientific and cultural relationships with departments of Arabic language in universities, institutes and Arabic language symposiums and complexes in order to develop the university and foster its scientific status.
  • To give the opportunity to the distinguished students to pursue their graduate studies in the various branches of the Arabic language.
  • To develop the curricula, the study plans and the teaching methods and to assess them in order to go in harmony with the scientific and technical development in the university.
  • Contributing to academic research and addressing providing support to research projects to be published nationally and internationally.
  • To create channels of openness and communication locally, regionally and internationally through taking part in and holding conferences, symposiums and seminars and through providing scholarships inside and outside the country.

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