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Prof.Bassam Rababah

Head of Semitic and Eastern Language Department 


The department of Semitic and oriental languages was established in 2000 A.D as a branch in the faculty of art, in order to achieve the faculty’s aspirations in acquiring knowledge and good learning, keeping up with the requirements of the modern times’ issues. This would express that the faculty is keeping a keen eye on expanding its programs to mainly serve the Jordanian community and students. The department grants a bachelor’s degree in Semitic languages (Hebrew)and oriental languages(Persian)as chief majors. To complement the aspiration of the faculty of art, the Turkish language and literature program was established; starting from the academic year 2017/2018. In cooperation with the Turkish cultural center in Amman ( Younus Emreh institute). The department also offers 3 hours in the previously mentioned languages referred as an optional college requirement for all students in the departments of the faculty of art. There are many purposes behind the establishment of the Turkish department:

  1. The need to know some Semitic and oriental languages, due to the great acceleration in the global arena at both; the scientific and the cognitive level.
  2. Knowing the languages ​​of other nations has become a civilizational, political and economic requirement, and it is irrational for our society to remain far from acquiring these languages.
  3. To provide society with the competencies and capacities to enrich the research centers with qualified graduates who will conduct various studies on those people’s languages, strategies, and cultures.
  4. Opening such a department gives the Faculty of Arts a unique advantage among Jordanian universities in granting academic degrees in such majors that are important in the present and in the future. Therefore, this program may lead to the opening of other sub-majors in Semitic and Oriental languages.
  5. The Semitic and Oriental Languages ​​department is the first of its kind in Jordan. It provides Jordan and the Arab region with the necessary expertise in the field of Hebrew, Persian and Turkish languages ​​as major programs. The whole number of the teaching staff in this department is fourteen (14).


The department aims at being distinguished and exemplary; locally and regionally in all domains regarding the quality of its teachers, plans and programs. Additionally, the department looks forward to establish a master’s degree program in Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish language and literature.

The message

The department's mission includes excellence in teaching, scientific research, and community service. By having qualified and talented graduates who possess the tools in scientific research, the department will be able to keep up with developments of the modern times and to gain ability in local and regional competition.


  1. Preparing qualified scientific competencies in the majors of Hebrew language, Persian language and Turkish language. In order to supplementing the local and regional market with these competencies.
  2. Preparing graduates in these majors who are able to prepare studies concerned with Israeli, Iranian and Turkish societies.
  3. Excellence in scientific research in the fields of human knowledge.
  4. Provide students with the necessary information and resources to fully enable them understand the culture of natives in the Hebrew, Persian and Turkish languages.
  5. Preparing students who are fully aware of the history of Semitic and Oriental languages.
Preparing students who are fully aware of the history of Semitic and Oriental languages.
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