The Department of Political Science was established as an independent Department in the college of Arts in 1991. Prior to that time political science courses were offered by the department of Social and Human Sciences as a minor. Since the establishment of the department, it has started to offer an undergraduate degree in Political Science. The Master’s in International Political Economy was offered by the department in 1999. The department currently has about 266 students including 40 graduate students and 226 at the undergraduate level. The department has 12 faculty members with different academic ranks. It also offers a minor in Political Science for students from other departments and majors.







  • Preparing students intellectually and practically to be able to conduct research and participate in different discussions that will help them develop their academic character and their critical thinking.
  • Reinforcing and consolidating students’ loyalty towards their country and nation.
  • Fulfilling the needs of the society by preparing professionals in politics and international relations and preparing leaders who can help bring awareness to the public opinion in a way that serves the goals of Jordan as well as the political affairs of the nation.
  • Expanding students’ understanding of the political systems in the world.
  • Providing the students with theoretical frameworks that will help them understand the current political situations, the factors and variables influencing the political realities and the dynamics of the international relations.
  • Developing students’ research skills and encouraging research with an emphasis on unbiased analysis of the findings in the light of the general principles of political science.
  • Making connections between what is taught in political science and international relations courses so that students can pursue their graduate studies in one of these two majors

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