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Dr.Mohammad Zeitoun

Head of Geography Department


The department of geography was established in the beginning of the academic year 2000/2001, due to of the urgent need for geography graduates in both public and private sectors.

This can be proven by the unexpected students' numbers who have registered in this specialization. The study plan is divided into three academic tracks: General Geography, Geographical Information System and Regional Planning. These tracks will pave the way for the graduates to compete with others in seizing job opportunities in different sectors, in both the local and foreign labor markets. At the end of summer semester 2014/2015, the number of the undergraduate students was 833, while the MA students' number was 32.

The students study 54 obligatory credit hours plus 21 obligatory credit hours for students who select touristic planning or regional planning. In addition, the students study 21 credit hours of department's optional courses. The total number of credit hours needed for graduation is in BA level is 132 credit hours in any tracks. The study plan of the department is characterized by its scientific, practical and technical aspects; it includes training students on using the computer in geography, the geographical information system and its applications, and Remote Sensing.

For the purpose of the practical courses, a geographical laboratory and a cartographic unit were established. They were provided by computers, software, maps and devices for the analysis of aerial photographs.





To make fundamental contributions to the advancement of geographic science by:

  • Equipping the labor market with national qualified, knowledgeable and trained undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Harmonizing the needs of the development and labor market.
  • Providing flexible plans that focus on critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Creating a suitable environment for geographical field work and projects.



  • To develop the educational programs and study plans to the privileged level commensurate with the needs of the labor market.
  • To develop the academic programs which are consistent with the requirements of the knowledge economy.
  • To create the appropriate infrastructure needed for improving the quality of project-based learning.
  • To provide students with the appropriate skills and competencies to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market.
  • To establish a genuine partnership between the department and the governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify the problems of the environment and to contribute in proposing appropriate solutions for these problems.

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