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Dr.Ahmad Al-Harahsheh

Head of Translation Department

The Department of Translation was established in the academic year 2008/2009 as the first of its kind among the Jordanian government universities.  The department was established due to the urgent need to provide the labour market with highly qualified translators and and interpreters in various fields of knowledge. Being dynamic and growing, the department offers two study programmes: one undergraduate programme (BA in Translation) and one graduate programme (MA in Translation), which was transferred from the Department of English Language and Literature in the academic year 2010/ 2011. The department plans to offer more graduate programmes, including MA in interpretation and PhD in translation.
The undergraduate programme combines theoretical and practical teaching and training. It prepares students for a career in translation and exposes them to translation of various levels and genres: written, oral, specialized, simultaneous, and consecutive, in addition to some theoretical and practical studies. The programme provides a number of courses in basic language skills in both English and Arabic; comparative and analytical linguistics; discourse and semantics; and computer assisted translation (CAT).
To keep pace with global knowledge, the department holds annual seminars and symposiums on translation and interpreting studies. A good number of the department's graduates have successfully pursued their graduate studies (MA and PhD) at Jordanian and renowned British and American universities. The graduate programme combines theoretical and practical teaching and training. It aims at developing the skills of translation students (written and oral) to meet the need for translators in various fields inside and outside Jordan, especially in this era of great progress in information and communication technology. Translation specialists are needed in various disciplines and sectors, such as the media, governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as national, regional and international organizations.

To make the department a leading distinguished model both nationally and regionally by providing academic programmes, conducting academic research in the field of translation and interpreting studies and producing skilful and competent graduates to the job market.
The department works diligently to provide high-quality education in the field of translation and interpreting studies, conduct academic research, maintain community service through a comprehensive educational process and produce competent and professional graduates exhibiting our ethical and moral values to contribute to our community and meet its human and developmental needs.
· To participate in developing higher education in the field of translation and interpreting studies through endorsing modern teaching methods and acquiring the relevant skills.
· To keep up with the latest scientific developments in the field of translation and interpreting studies.
· To enhance the scientific and cultural relationships with departments of translation in other universities and institutes to develop the department and foster its scientific status.
· To give the opportunity to the distinguished students to pursue their graduate studies in the various branches of translation studies.
· To develop the curricula, the study plans and the teaching methods and to assess them in order to go in harmony with the scientific and technical development in the university.
· To provide students with a solid educational base conducive to fundamental knowledge, research skills, self-growth, enriched life experiences and computer literacy essential to lifelong learning.
· To create a seamless integration of teaching and research.
· To foster respect and appreciation for diversity of people and opinions.
· To assist students in developing critical thinking, power of observation, analytical skills, and oral and written communication skills.
· To develop and maintain periodic internal assessment and evaluation to ensure that all programs are operating within a manner consistent with the mission statement of the department and the faculty.
· To contribute to academic research and apply for funded projects to be published nationally and internationally.
· To create channels of openness and communication locally, regionally and internationally through taking part in and holding conferences, symposiums and seminars and through providing scholarships inside and outside the country.
· To provide world-class education, and to advance, preserve, and disseminate knowledge in addition to preparing educated, enlightened and qualified human resources in order to realize Jordan’s developmental needs.
· To create opportunities for staff and students to interact in a civilized manner to achieve the combined goals of academic and personal development.
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