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Invited by the Department of English Language and Literature at Yarmouk University, Dr. Richmond Eustis, a visiting Fulbright Professor, gave a talk titled "Ecocriticism: A View of the Pastoral in American Literature."

Dr. Eustis explained that Ecocriticism is still a new field in Literary and Cultural Criticism. According to him, Ecocriticism focuses on studying the place, environment, nature and land in different literary and cultural texts. Besides using class, gender, ethnicity, and identity to approach and analyze a literary text, one can use environment and nature when analyzing a literary and cultural text, according to Dr. Eustis.

He also talked about the development of this critical and cultural field, and the opinions of critics, as some view it as essential in the field of cultural and literary theories while others do not. In addition, he mentioned its practical and theoretical foundations as well as its textual and rhetorical manifestations in the study of literature and culture.

Moreover, Dr. Eustis tackled the concept of pastoral literature and its classifications: classical pastoral literature, critical pastoral literature that is critical of urban life, and ideal pastoral literature that glorifies the pastoral and rural life and neglects the hardships that rural people encounter.

In a Q & A session, moderated by Dr. Abdullah Al-Dagamseh, Dr. Eustis addressed various questions raised by the audience. The chairman of the Department of English Language and Literature, Prof. Yousef Bader, the Faculty members of the Department, and some students attended the talk.