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The President of Yarmouk University, Professor Islam Massad, confirmed that the university, through the Deanship of Student Affairs and relevant administrative departments, began preparing and developing plans to reorganize the “graduation ceremony” for the current academic year, after ceasing for about two years because of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic. He added, during his meeting with a group of students of the Faculty of Arts, that the most prominent challenge for the University is to raise the status of its students in various fields of knowledge and fields, emphasizing that the ideal outputs of the university are represented by graduates equipped with necessary knowledge and skills that enable graduates to compete in the labor market efficiently and effectively.

Massad then pointed out that the university, through its relevant councils and departments, has begun to reconsider its legislation and regulations related to the various aspects of the university life to keep pace with several developments. He further stated that the university has begun to reconsider its study plans for all disciplines at the postgraduate level, considering the need to focus on the various life skills needed by students to contribute to their community successfully. Moreover, Massad declared that Yarmouk University has allocated a considerable portion of its budget for this year to rehabilitate its campus and its various facilities, especially concerning the needs of its students with disabilities.

Finally, the president listened to students’ remarks about the various conditions and concerns of their Faculty, especially the departments' infrastructure, laboratories, and facilities. However, the meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Mowaffaq al-Omoush, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Professor Riyad al-Momani, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Musa al-Rababah, the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Muhammad Thiabat, the Director of Public Relations and Media, Dr. Nawzat Abu Al-Asal, and several faculty and administrative staff members.

Eighteenth International Monetary Conference
Readings in the Achievement of Literary, Critical and Linguistic Studies in the Twenty-first Century
Yarmouk University - Irbid - Jordan
Department of Arabic Language and Literature - College of Arts
July 26-28, 2022


The Department of Modern Languages ​​participated in the virtual lecture held by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with the German University, Jordan University, and other universities from Lebanon and Iraq. Mr. Benjamin Schmaeling, the representative of DAAD in Amman, and many professors and students from the universities and countries mentioned above spoke about the scholarships provided by the DAAD to students studying German at the bachelor's and master's levels. Mr. Shmaeling answered the participants' questions. The College of Arts - represented by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Musa Rababah, who attended the meeting, along with Prof. Dr. Hussain Al-Raheel, the Head of the Department of Modern Languages, and the German language Lecturers, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Ali and Dr. Nabil Al-Awawdeh - provided a fully equipped hall with all modern technologies to enable students to attend the Online session. The Department of Modern Languages ​​has recently received representatives from the DAAD and the Goethe Institute, intending to strengthen the existing cooperation between Yarmouk University and German representatives in Jordan, which will benefit the department's students.

The family of the Faculty of Arts welcomes the students and wishes them a successful semester.

Yarmouk University has recently ended the first activity of the international project, “Transnational Communication and Localization of Social Work” which is held in partnership with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and is funded by DAAD Organization.

The first Summer School was held for one week at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences with a participation of 12 students from the Department of Sociology and Social Work and four faculty members from the Faculty of Arts; Dr. Ayat Nashwan (Project Manager), Dr. Nancy Al-Doghmi, Dr. Mohammad Harahsheh, and Dr. Mohammad Nusairat.

The project will continue for two years and will resume again next year with the second Summer School at Yarmouk University.