"Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) in Germany hosted Dr. Rana N. Jawarneh, from Yarmouk University, Department of Geography, as part of Erasmus+ exchange program between Yarmouk University and Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) in Germany. Dr. Rana was a guest lecturer at the Geography institute at FAU for one week. During her stay there, she lectured on Geographic Information Science, and she did a presentation on her research projects. Besides meeting with prospective German students who are interested in coming to Yarmouk University, answering their questions, she met with YU students who are doing research there as part of Erasmus+ exchange program. She also met with the International projects coordinator at the college of Humanities to discuss the possibility of expanding the exchange program to include YU English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, and Arabic Language and Literature majors

In collaboration with the US Embassy in Amman, the Department of English at Yarmouk University hosted a group of American authors who gave a talk about their experience as creative writers. Cate Dicharry, an American novelist, shared her experience with the audience. She explained how she developed as a writer and what processes she goes through as she is writing her novels. She mentioned that her reading shaped and help her writing a lot. As a Youth Programs Coordinator at the International Writing Program at University of Iowa, she invited the students at Yarmouk University to benefit from this program as it helps them hone their writings.

The second speaker was Tom Sleigh, who is a famous American poet who shared his experience as a poet with the audience. He explained how he started as a writer. He mentioned that his mother as an avid reader helped him a lot to be the writer he is now. He emphasized the idea that one should write to please himself/herself first as writing is considered to be a healing process. This didn’t mean writer should be detached from his society.

The third speaker was Brian Turner, who is a famous American poet, too, who shared his experience as a writer. He mentioned that his writing was shaped by his experience, especially his experience in Iraq back in 2003. Moreover, he stated that imagination should be free of any social restrictions so one writes freely, without fear. In this way, writing is more honest.  

Prof. Yousef Bader, the Chair of the English Department, introduced the guest speakers addressed various questions raised by the audience. The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Ziad Al-Zou’bi, the faculty members of the Department, the department students, and the Arabic Book Program Director at the US Embassy attended the talk.

The Dept of Modern Languages Ranked Second Place in an International Contest

THe Department of Modern Languages ranked the second place in The Goncourt Literary Contest recently held in Beirut, 2016 . The contest, “The East Choice," was organized by the Middle East Office of Francophone University Association (French: Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) for the year 2016. Sarah Masa’deh critiqued and analyzed the novel, Quiet Song, written by Laila Sulimani. Dr. Batool Muheisen—the contest's coordinator at the Department of Modern Languages — indicated that the contest is interested in French Literature and is given by Goncourt Academy to the best prose work in four literary forms: Novel, Short Story, Poetry, and Biography written in 2016 and the award goes to those who offer the best reading and analysis of the literary work in question.