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The Department of Modern Languages ​​participated in the virtual lecture held by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with the German University, Jordan University, and other universities from Lebanon and Iraq. Mr. Benjamin Schmaeling, the representative of DAAD in Amman, and many professors and students from the universities and countries mentioned above spoke about the scholarships provided by the DAAD to students studying German at the bachelor's and master's levels. Mr. Shmaeling answered the participants' questions. The College of Arts - represented by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Musa Rababah, who attended the meeting, along with Prof. Dr. Hussain Al-Raheel, the Head of the Department of Modern Languages, and the German language Lecturers, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Ali and Dr. Nabil Al-Awawdeh - provided a fully equipped hall with all modern technologies to enable students to attend the Online session. The Department of Modern Languages ​​has recently received representatives from the DAAD and the Goethe Institute, intending to strengthen the existing cooperation between Yarmouk University and German representatives in Jordan, which will benefit the department's students.