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Nadia AlAbdallah is a student from the Department of English Language and Literature . She chose to major in English Language and Literature to gain further experience with her hobby, drawing . She loves drawing since childhood; she began to develop this talent since the age of fifteen. Her first participation in an exhibition of Fine Art was when she was going to junior-high school. Then, she got admitted at the university majoring in English. She wanted to graduate from her college loaded with achievements and successes at all levels, whether academic or extracurricular. Nadia now is in the last stage of her college life, and she has achieved what she has aspired to . She was able to strile a balance between her academic studies and her hobbies. Academically , she has got a very good grade and has gained considerable experience while studying for her major. In those four years, she has got involved in nearly ten exhibitions of plastic arts . Some were at Yarmouk University and others were in difference cities and colleges here in Jrodan. She got three certificates of participation from different Jordanian universities as a representative of Yarmouk University , and also training certificate in some techniques of painting . She will graduate from university now but she still keeps and works on her amabition to be a professional artist and to share her works with the whole world. She is very proud of be referred to as "this artist is from Jordan."