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"You are not required to be the best, but you are required to keep going on and to do your best." Believing this motto, Samah Al-Khateeb, a student in the Department of English Language and Literature, eagerly started her journey to achieve her goals regardless of all obstacles she faced along the way. She finished her high school, scientific stream, and scored 80% even though she was forced to join the scientific stream. At that moment, she promised herself to refuse and resist doing things she is forced to do. Hence, she insisted on majoring in English Language and Literature at Yarmouk University, her dream, resisting and challenging all those who tried in vain to kill her dream. In the university, she did not want to be just an average student spending her free time without using it properly. She joined university clubs and participated in many extracurricular activities and courses held by the Deanship of Students' Affairs. This encouraged her to join and to be part of community service as a volunteer in many civil societies where she helped establish educational, cultural, and communal projects.   

After 4 years working in this field, she is now an administrative member in Leaders of Life Foundation and the Founder of "Abjadiyat" initiative which is concerned with Arabic, heritage and poetry evenings. In fact, her deep love for Arabic Literature led her to this initiative. She is doing her best and is investing her time and energy to develop this initiative. As a literary writer, Samah has participated in so many literary events along with famous writers. The secret of this success is that she has specified some of her free time for reading: monthly, she reads a book in her major, another book in Arabic Literature, and another one in another discipline. She always attends extracurricular courses that have to do with improving her personal skills such as communication skills, recital skills, improvisational skills, and management skills. She has over 200 training hours in various fields. 

As she always dreamed, Samah is about to graduate from the Department of English Language and Literature, Yarmouk University. Plus, as she is preparing for her graduation, Samah is about publish her first novel and